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  • What is the difference between SRG and IRG running training programs?

    The difference is in the ability, distance and confidence. To participate in an IRG program participants must complete the 13-week SRG program or have the ability to run 10km. This ensures participants have a solid running foundation before taking on longer running goals under often more strenuous running and health conditions of an IRG program.

  • I have never run before – can I participate?

    Yes! Anyone can be a SRG participant. We have successfully led non-runners to achieve both 5km and 10km running goals non-stop, as well as supporting previous runners who have either had a hiatus from running or runners returning to the track from injury.

    The 13-week Start Running Group program is aimed at men and women who have NEVER run before! The program is so successful because the program takes it slow and builds a solid foundation of running ability that avoids stress and risk of injury.​

  • Should I see a doctor before commencing running with SRG?

    If you are concerned with your health in any way, it is advisable to consult with your GP before commencing the Start Running Group (SRG) program.  All running participants are responsible for their own health and wellbeing for the duration of the Start Running Group (SRG) program.





  • When do the SRG and IRG programs commence?
    The Start Running Group (SRG) program occurs twice a year – Summer and Spring. The summer SRG usually starts at the end of January/start of February and the spring SRG starts at the end of August/start of September each year. Please check our Calendar page for the latest SRG start dates.

    The Intermediate Running (IRG) program occurs throughout the year as an ongoing intermediate running ability group program catering for the SRG program’s 10km graduates and runners who already have the ability to run 10km.

    IRG programs can either be structured program training groups with a specific running milestone or an unstructured program running group catering to runners who simply want to continue meeting with other runners and running together for the love of it.

  • How long is the SRG program?
    The Start Running Group (SRG) program is a 13-week running training program that provides running participants with a solid running foundation that follows a 13-week proven running program that trains three times a week in the Macedon Ranges township areas of Gisborne, Kyneton, Lancefield-Romsey, Macedon, Riddells Creek and Woodend.

  • How often do I need to train with SRG?
    The Start Running Group (SRG) program trains three times a week. The program provides running participants with days off from running during the week, so there are no consecutive running training days in the program. This ensures there is less risk of stress or injury and running participants can attend low impact training options such as cross training, Pilates or swimming.

  • What are the SRG running goals?
    There are two running milestones in the Start Running Group (SRG) 13-week training program.
    5km non-stop run
    10km non-stop run
    The other important goal of our SRG program is for all running participants to enjoy themselves by meeting new people in the Macedon Ranges region and having fun outdoors while getting fit and healthy.

  • Where can I participate in the SRG program?
    The Start Running Group (SRG) program is offered in the Macedon Ranges townships of Gisborne, Kyneton, Lancefield-Romsey, Macedon, Riddells Creek and Woodend. These six townships start and finish the 13-week training program at the same time. The only difference is the training is held at different locations, days and times. At the end of 13 weeks, all running township areas come together to run the two milestones of 5km and 10km.

  • Who will lead the SRG running training program?
    Leaders for the Start Running (SRG) program are volunteer leaders who are SRG graduates or experienced runners. These volunteer leaders have attended a Leader Training Workshop that the Macedon Ranges Running Club Inc. organises during the year. Each running township has their own team of volunteer leaders and assistants who pay it forward by supporting new participants in achieving their running goals and meeting new people from the region.

    Please note – Macedon Ranges Running Club Inc. volunteer leaders are not professionally trained Personal Trainers, nor are they professional coaches, medics or instructors. All the leaders and assistants are community volunteers who lead the program and support running participants throughout the 13 weeks of the SRG training program.

  • Is the program for both men and women?
    Yes! Both men and women can participant in the Start Running Group (SRG) program.

  • Can young people (under 18 years) participate in the SRG program?
    Yes, young people can participate in the Macedon Ranges Running Club Inc. programs.
    However, a child under 11 years of age must be accompanied by a supervising adult. Please see our Supervision of Children policy for more details.




  • How much does it cost to participate in the SRG program?
    To participate in the SRG program, you must be a member of the club.

  • Details of our fees and benefits are listed on our Memberships page.


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