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How the program works


The Intermediate Running Group is the next step many runners take after completing the SRG program. The IRG is aimed at runners who want to continue running within a supportive and social group environment and run beyond their 10km achievement.


Often the IRG is a structured running program led by volunteer leaders. The program may include fartleking, otherwise known as interval training that incorporates bursts of sprinting, hill running and longer distance running.


Other times the IRG is an unstructured running group where runners come together to run because their motivation benefits from being involved in a group that keeps meeting to run together, they enjoy friends they have made while running in the SRG or they want to continue running in the in-between months of SRG, otherwise known as the SRG off-season that includes June-August and December – January each year.


Goals vary depending on who is leading the IRG and what the final goal the group decides they want to achieve together. The IRG goals vary from town to town and it’s a good idea to make an enquiry with the club to know what IRG programs are running together post-SRG.



This is a life-changing program that works. Before the SRG I was the incredible bulk, then with the inspiring, encouraging and coercing of the Riddell leaders,     I have transformed into a ½ marathon runner within 2 years. Amazing!

Anne, Riddells Creek

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