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New Members

Congratulations! And welcome to the club! So you've joined the club, but what's next? There are a few things you need to do:

Next, you should consider joining up for a run! The Contact Us has information on all the locations where we run, including the town coordinators. Make sure you contact the town coordinator to confirm dates, times and locations of where we run, as these occasionally change. We'd hate for you to miss a run!

Then, you need to decide what program and group you wish to join! If you've never run before, or are returning after a long hiatus, the Start Running Group may be a great fit. Alternatively, if you're pretty confident in your fitness and skills, then joining the Intermediate Running Group  may be more appropriate. Thankfully, we start both programs from the same location, so you can choose when you get there!

Looking to represent? How about checking out our Merchandise page where you can get kitted out in all things MRRC! We have short and long sleeve t-shirts, singlets & hats to choose from!

Lastly, make sure you check out the Stretching page, which details how to care for your body pre- and post- run. The last thing you want is to develop an injury which can prevent you from this awesome sport. If you're unsure which stretches you should do, or how to do them - don't worry! We will take you through some warmups and there are coaches on hand in each town who can guide you through them.

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