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Walking & Running Group (WRG)



The WRG is the initial step many walkers and runners can take to start or re introduce themselves to regular exercise. Developed by Gary & Joanne Plummer along the guidelines of a SRG season, the WRG function is to assist those wishing to complete a SRG, recover from injury or walk and run in a super –friendly, non competitive environment. The structured WRG program takes you from a lazy 3.5km walk and run , gradually building fitness and endurance over an 8 week (24 session) period. At the final session, participants will achieve a 10km walk and run in 85 minutes. Turn a rounds are compulsory and running is NOT. You POWERWALK in place of Run.


Averaging 3 x 10 up to 3 x 15 minute walks per session with intermittent bursts of power walking and running, our gentle approach ensures an easy transition to SRG, IRG and ARG programs. Available  regularly during the calendar year, you will find WRG at your fingertips for 48 weeks per annum.   


The WRG has several goals:

  1. One, to help those with minor injuries to recover.

  2. For the Newbies, prepare them with confidence and readiness to challenge the SRG and beyond.

  3. To share this format for those who say “I don’t think I can do that”! Our aim is to prove you wrong.




WRG, you have convinced me to stop using my car and walk distances with confidence that I never thought I would have.   Wendy, Riddells Creek


WRG, What a great idea for the MRRC.  Paul, Romsey.

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