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General Warm up Guide

It is important to do a proper warm up before each running session to assist in the prevention of injuries.  Warm ups are exactly that, you are preparing (warming up) your main muscles and cardiovascular system for the activity you are about to undertake.

Note: This is a universally accepted ‘general’ warm up routine which is adopted by the MRRC. This guide can be used for the Start Running Group (SRG), Intermediate Running Group (IRG) and the Advanced Running Group (ARG)/Tuesday Track Club (TTC). 


Very light jog

It’s just that, a very light jog to get the circulation going and to start to condition your body and muscles for the session.  

Open and closed hip stretch

Bring one knee up at a time at 90 degrees directly in front of the body. If using the left leg first bring it across to the left still at the 90-degree position as far as it can rotate (not overreaching), and then back down to the ground. Visa versa for the right leg.

Forward leg swings

Can either use a post/fence to brace or lean on another person. Swing one leg at a time from the ground as high up as the runner is comfortable with forwards and backwards. Do not overexert.  Consider doing a full range of movement i.e. both forward and back with the leg.

Side swings

As per forward leg swings, you can brace against a post/fence. From the ground the leg is swung across the body.

Walking lunges

From a static position:

  • take a long step forward

  • front heel stays on the ground

  • lower the back leg until the knee almost touches the ground

  • pull yourself forward to the standing position with the front leg

  • the opposite leg then begins the next long step and continue.


Other basic warmups

Some other things to consider:

  • Skipping

  • Lateral shuffles (moving side to side with or without arm raises – like star jumps but moving laterally)

  • Butt kicks (on the spot or moving slowly).


If you want to use one of above, I suggest you change it with one of the recommended techniques in the table (not the slow/very light jog though, which should always be done at the start of the warm up session).


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